Github Pages绑定域名

博客托管在Github,域名是在namesilo注册的。但是使用CNAME绑定apex domain时总时遇到问题。搜索到namesilo官网给出的解释

A common problem encountered with CNAME records when integrating with 3rd party site hosting services is that CNAME records are easily created, but creating the CNAME record for just (to capture traffic when people don’t type in “www.”) cannot be done since that goes against RFC1034. We have a work around for customers with this issue - our domain parking system redirects any “naked” domains (i.e. the SLD - to the equivalent. Therefore, all that must be done is to create an A record to our parking IP (which can be done by applying the parking/forwarding DNS template) for the SLD hostname.


www subdomains are the most stable type of custom domain because www subdomains are not affected by changes to the IP addresses of GitHub’s servers. Your site will also load faster because Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection can be implemented more efficiently.

虽然GitHub更建议使用www subdomains,但是我从个人的感官来说,我更偏爱apex domain,所以还是绑定了。另外设置www.psymaze.com跳转到